Audio & Video Installation

a boat with speakers and speakers on the back of it
a boat with speakers and speakers on the back of it
Do you need help installing your marine stereo?

At High Tech Marine, powered by 7 Seas, our professional electronic installation team has been assisting boaters like you for over 25 years. We offer installation services for a wide range of equipment, from marine speakers to marine satellite TV and much more. We are authorized distributors and installers for nearly all major brands, including Garmin Marine, Furuno, JL Audio Marine, and Fusion Marine.

Discover how we can enhance your boating experience and help you enjoy the marine environment even more. Call us today and elevate your experience at sea with our advanced technology!

Contact us to explore options and choose the best setup for your vessel. We provide expert and personalized advice to ensure that your entertainment and navigation systems are of the highest quality and functionality. We install GPS navigation systems, VHF radios, marine sound systems, and much more, always with precision and dedication.

Don’t leave your safety and entertainment in inexperienced hands. Trust the experts at High Tech Marine. We are here to serve you and ensure that every trip to sea is safe and enjoyable.

Contact us today and take the first step towards a superior marine experience with High Tech Marine!

Security and alert systems
a boat dock with a boat and a boat in the water
a boat dock with a boat and a boat in the water
Are you worried about the security of your boat when you are not on board?

A simple and reliable global security and control solution: Imagine a new way of staying connected with your boat. The best part of this system is that you can remotely monitor your vessel at any time and from anywhere.

Set up a virtual perimeter to accurately track your boat's location in real time.

Receive instant alerts on your mobile device when a critical event occurs.

Monitor and verify vital information about your boat.

Prevent damage or loss due to water leaks, problems with dock power supply, or depleted batteries.

Deter theft with integrated security sensors and alarm systems.

Led Ligths

a bus with pink lights and a pink light
a bus with pink lights and a pink light
Underwater Lighting:
Installed on the floaters' extensions, at the back of the boat or on its underside, underwater lighting has been a valuable tool for night fishing enthusiasts for many years. These lights facilitate the attraction of fish and nocturnal baits. The latest technology in this type of lighting, projecting downwards or laterally, offers greater reliability and energy efficiency. With just a click, these lights revitalize night fishing equipment and provide an impressive visual spectacle at the dock.LED Underwater Lighting:Our innovative range of underwater lighting is based on the use of LEDs, Light Emitting Diodes, known for their low heat emission, reduced energy consumption, greater resistance to vibrations, compatibility with direct current voltages, and a significantly longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Moreover, these devices do not contain traces of mercury, a harmful environmental component found in fluorescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps.
Are you ready to transform your nighttime experience with our advanced LED underwater lights? Wait no more! Contact us at High Tech Marine Powered by 7 Seas for more information and personalized advice. You can send an email to or call us at (305) 883 - 1009 / (305) 883 - 9700.Illuminate your nights at sea with the best technology and make each outing unforgettable!
cabina de un barco
cabina de un barco
We offer services such as installations and configurations of:
  • Navigation and Communication Systems: Installation of devices such as GPS, radar, sonar, VHF radios, autopilots, and other marine navigation and communication systems.

  • Engine Control Systems: Connecting and configuring electronic systems related to engine operation, such as electronic throttle controls, engine monitoring systems, and instrument panels.

  • General Electrical Systems: This includes the installation of electrical panels, batteries, charging systems, and the necessary wiring to distribute power throughout the boat.

  • Lighting and Auxiliary Equipment: Setting up lighting systems, both internal and external, and other electronic equipment such as bilge pumps, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, etc.

  • Entertainment Systems: Installation of equipment like sound systems, televisions, Starlink internet systems, and other entertainment devices.