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Audio & Video Installation

Do you need help installing your marine stereo?
Our professional electronic installation team at High Tech Marine Powered by 7 Seas has been assisting boaters like you for over 25 years. We offer installation services for a wide range of equipment, from marine speakers to marine satellite TV and much more. We are authorized distributors and installers for nearly all major brands, such as Garmin Marine, Furuno, JL Audio Marine, and Fusion Marine. To learn more about how we can enhance your boating experience and help you better appreciate the marine environment, call us today!

Security and alert systems

Are you concerned about the safety of your boat when you're not on board?
At High Tech Marine Powered by 7 Seas, we provide advanced marine security solutions so you can rest easy knowing your boat is protected. We install customized security systems, including HD cameras, alarms, and GPS technology, all accessible from your smartphone or computer. With our innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, your boat or yacht will be safe and monitored at all times. Ready to secure your vessel with the best security technology? Contact us today and take your peace of mind to the next level.

Led Lights

Have you considered enhancing the beauty of your boat or yacht with LED lighting?
At High Tech Marine Powered by 7 Seas, we offer customized LED lighting solutions that not only beautify your vessel but also improve its visibility at night. Our team of professionals specializes in installing high-quality LED lights, designed to withstand the marine environment and provide efficient and long-lasting illumination. From stylish ambient lights to safety lighting systems, our options are varied and tailored to your specific needs. LED lighting not only enhances the aesthetics of your boat or yacht but also helps create a safer onboard environment. With low energy consumption and a long lifespan, LED lights are a smart and sustainable investment. Ready to transform your vessel with stunning LED lights? Contact us today and discover how we can brighten up your marine experience.


We offer services such as installations and configurations of:
  • Navigation and Communication Systems.
  • Engine Control Systems.
  • General Electrical Systems.
  • Lighting and Auxiliary Equipment.
  • Entertainment Systems.


Customization is our specialty!
We are passionate about transforming each vessel into a unique masterpiece that reflects your style and preferences. Whether you desire a high-end audio system, innovative lighting solutions, or custom-designed panels tailored to your taste, we are here to make it happen. Our team of nautical customization experts is ready to listen to your ideas and turn them into an extraordinary marine experience. Discover how we can elevate your boat to new heights of customization and performance!


El equipo de High Tech Marine instaló un sistema de audio increíble en mi bote. ¡El sonido es impresionante!

silhouette of woman standing in front of blue lights
silhouette of woman standing in front of blue lights

The lights installed by High Tech Marine completely transformed the appearance of my boat. I am delighted!

I highly recommend High Tech Marine. Their expertise in audio and lighting systems is unparalleled.

El servicio al cliente de High Tech Marine es excelente. Estoy muy satisfecho con el trabajo realizado en mi bote.





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