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High Tech Marine Electronics caters to those who understand and expect only the highest quality sound and installations. Through our many years of experience, we have found that using anything but the best hardware and equipment only adds stress and frustration.
Maintaining optimal performance both while anchored and at cruising speeds presents a number of challenges unique to the marine environment with issues like corrosion and battery drain.

That’s why we at High Tech Marine Electronics only use products that are IPX rated for water intrusion protection with sealed buttons, epoxy coated circuit boards, and more. We use only Marine Grade Equipment, including stainless steel hardware and wiring insulated with marine-grade heat shrink tubing that won’t rust or corrode.
Most of all, we pride ourselves on thoughtful design. We scrutinize every detail so your audio system is easy to operate, plays distortion free, and distributes sound evenly throughout the boat.
Save yourself frustration and stress and have your system professionally designed and installed right the first time by the highly-rated pros at High Tech Marine Electronics. Don’t your vessel, your family, and your friends deserve the best sound entertainment available while out on the water?
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