Boating is all about good times, and there is no better way to set the mood than music and lights. Getting the right sound on the water can be more challenging than adding a home stereo or upgrading your car audio system. The open marine environment is affected by many factors including motor and wind noise. Also this open environment allows sound to escape in every direction. High Tech Marine has the products and knowledge to attack these challenges head on. Come see what solutions we have for your boat. Don’t miss the opportunity to set your boat apart.



By night, set a stunning atmosphere by turning on you underwater and interior accent lighting. The amazing glow from the boat will have heads turning as people are attracted to the majestic beauty. Turn down the music and enjoy your favorite songs reproduced in crystal clear perfection. Music, lights, and boating on the open water will leave lasting memories for both you and your friends’ years to come.



At High Tech Marine we do more than sound and lights. Feel free to contact us with any rigging or electronics needs you may have.